Podcast: Nishant – Teaching meditation at Google

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Nishant from Prague speaks to Swaram about taking sannyas in India, and running Osho’s meditations in the corporate world.


Episode 89
Podcast: Nishant – Teaching meditation at Google

18 July 2020

Nishant came across Osho via a book and started meditating at home on his own. Experiencing the transformative effect of Osho’s meditations, he decided to travel to India and eventually took sannyas. Back home, Nishant got inspired to integrate meditation with the workplace and share in the corporate world what he experienced through meditation.

Nishant took sannyas in 2009 and is a Technological Leader with fifteen years of professional experience in IT, including working as Software Engineer for Google. He has led mindfulness workshops at Google and has launched a new project called, The Mindful Developer, aimed at helping busy professionals enjoy the benefits of meditation.

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