Podcast: Anuragi – Preserving Osho’s body of work

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Anuragi talks about his work of collecting material relating to Osho and about spending time with Osho in Manali.


Episode 90
Preserving Osho’s body of work

21 July 2020

Anuragi travels to places where Osho lived and worked to find, collect and preserve Osho’s objects. Some of the findings include his early days’ paintings and drawings, handwritten letters, signed books and photos, robes, footwear, and an old typewriter used by Osho. Meanwhile, Anuragi works in the corporate world and is faced with the constant challenge of being a sannyasins surrounded by a materialistic and non-spiritual environment.

Satya Anuragi took sannyas in 1982 and is a board member of one of the top 10 Indian groups.

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