(25 March 1952 – 25 July 2020)

Neha and Leela cr A
Neha cr Aneeta
Leela and Neha

His beloved Leela writes:

Your name means love and so was our life together.

Dhyan Neha received sannyas from Osho in Poona in 1978. His life was always accompanied by the longing to completely merge into the divine and the light.

He lived in several communes; in Berlin, Freiburg, Switzerland and in Egmond aan Zee at Veeresh’s place. For many years he drove a taxi in Berlin – an adventure.

My beloved husband and I shared our lives for 25 years. We lived and worked together, and gave each other space to grow. Together we built up various enterprises; we founded associations and social companies supporting people with disabilities in the Sterntal, Germany, which became our very successful joint life’s work.

As a business economist, Neha was totally intertwined with the finances. Everything we did was always accompanied by the love for each other, by the love for meditation, for travelling, making discoveries inside and outside.

Full of devotion he played classical guitar, did yoga and we loved the walks together with our dog Sita. We spent many precious years singing with Peter Makena and Aneeta and many more wonderful people and friends. What a gift!

Three years ago Aneeta showed us a house on Corfu and so Arillas became our new heart-home in this wonderful Buddhafield. To be rooted here for the rest of our lives was our vision. Our love for the sea, the power of this island had always enchanted us.

But then the cancer, which had been successfully treated five years ago, came back with its powerful force and took away Neha’s strength. We spent the lockdown on Corfu, which was a blessing for us. When travelling from Greece to Germany was again possible, Neha immediately began his return journey to Berlin to receive medical treatment.

Sadly, a diagnosis of metastases was confirmed. We spent some more beautiful and loving days together in our second home in Schönwalde, until he started the chemotherapy treatment. This was the beginning of the end; but the promise to be given a few more years had made him say yes to the treatment.

Neha left his body on 25th July at 4.45am; he was fully awake during the whole time. The sky was red, the trees stood still and the birds were singing their morning song. For 36 hours his body remained at home; many friends came to say goodbye and peace could be made.

I say thank you for a life full of love, laughter, security, creativity, fire, passion, growth, dance and sound. Sita and I miss you very much, Neha! But we know you have gone with Osho into the light, and that pleases our hearts.

Your always loving,
Leela & Sita wau wau

The Cremation will be on Monday, 3 July, 14:00 CEST (Berlin)

A musical goodbye was given in the evening by Shivananda and Herbert at Corfu Buddha Hall:


Aneeta writes:

I am still, stopped in my tracks in this moment by the sudden passing of a most dear and beloved friend, Neha, Leela’s darling husband. For over a decade, he was a joy and lovely delight to all the days we were blessed to know him on our singing adventures and tours.

We met again and again; in Germany, Greece, Sardinia, Switzerland, and many times at their home. Every meeting was like a homecoming to a place of effulgent delight. His eyes were always sparkling, his smile shy but revealing utter joy.

I am filled with him in my heart and thoughts right now even as he has moved on from this life. In the midst of the sadness and loss I feel right now, I am also filled with love and gratefulness.

Below some photos of dear Neha and Leela that give you a flavor or our time together. As you can see, we laughed a lot. May you enjoy being with Neha a little while…

Neha Leela Aneeta Peter
Leela and Neha cr A
Peter and Neha
Corfu 2
leaving Corfu
Neha Leela Aneeta Peter in Corfu
Peter Makena and Neha

From Ricky:

Oh, beloved brother Neha – what a bummer that you are gone!

We could have spent even more time together whether in Corfu, Berlin or London.

Whenever Gandha and I go to Baan Talay Dao, I think of the good times we had together there with you and Leela.

Whenever we order Indian take-away from Royal restaurant, I remember how wonderfully pissed-off you were on the phone with them when they endlessly could not find us to bring us the food you had ordered.

And yes, gin and tonics on your balcony next door and walking with Sita dog and going to the beach together, whether in Arilas or Hua Hin.

I know you are fine in spirit but I like to hear from you.

Neha and Ricky

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