“Acceptance is transcendence”

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‘Touch doctor’ Anubuddha in conversation with Sasha in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (video).

The body is a musical instrument. Keep it tuned…

The phenomenon of human touch…
We do not only touch with our hands.
We touch with our eyes.
We touch with our voice.
Food touches, air touches.
Life moves through touch.
We are touching beings.

Anubuddha talks to Sasha about his Catholic upbringing, being an athlete and coming in contact with yoga, massage and the healing arts, and the journey from working as a real estate agent to sannyas. They discuss peak experiences on the spiritual path, Osho’s treatment by the American Government, and of course the institute Anubuddha has been running with Anasha for the last 26 years. youtu.be

Pick your battles.
Choose battles that raise your own consciousness. I am choosing the battle: everybody is in pain.
Is it possible to live without pain? I have answered the question for myself: Yes.
Can you avoid pain? NO. Nobody can avoid pain…
But you can disidentify from pain.

Osho told me: Anubuddha, people have a misunderstanding that a man of awareness does not feel pain, actually it is the opposite. When you are aware you feel the pain more. The suffering of others you feel more, but when you are aware you are not identified.

Anubuddha and Anasha will be hosting an online workshop/talk titled, Osho Medicine Buddha Vision: The 3 Treasures: Freedom from Pain, on 8 August 2020, 2020, 9am PDT (California), 12 noon EDT (New York), 18:00 CEST (Berlin). More info and registration: us02web.zoom.us


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