At least humanity should be one

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Osho states, “all divisions are wrong.”

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Life is an interdependence. If you don’t breathe for a few moments, you will be finished. That means you are dependent on the air. If you don’t drink water, within a few days you will be gone. You are dependent on the water. We are all interdependent. And there is nothing wrong in it. It is not dependence.

Interdependence simply means we are an organic whole, that we are somehow interlinked, not only with human beings, but with trees, with birds, with animals, with earth, with sky, with the sun. We are connected with the whole universe. Every single individual is connected multi-dimensionally, otherwise he cannot exist for a single moment.

Seeing this organic unity, I am against divisions of religion, divisions of races, divisions of nations, divisions of societies. Those all divisions are wrong. Humanity – at least humanity should be one. Then perhaps we can spread that unity towards animals and trees and clouds, and hope one day that man has become universal. But that will be total interdependence.

Osho, Press Conference 16 September 1985 – Interview with Bob Smith, KPRB Radio, Redmond, OR Ch 1 (excerpt)

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