Pravira – Osho’s energy kept me in the Wild Wild Country

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Love Osho interviews Pravira: Playing for Osho in drive-by and at press conferences and how playing for him changed the way she plays the violin today.


Episode 92
Osho’s energy kept me in the Wild Wild Country

4 August 2020

Pravira experienced pure bliss and a deep connection with the Master and the sangha in Rajneeshpuram, aspects that are completely neglected by the narrative around Osho in the USA. She describes the incredible experience of playing the violin during the famous drive-bys, captured in some of the historical footage also shown in the docuseries ‘Wild Wild Country’, and before and after the press conferences Osho held in Jesus Grove (photos below).


Ma Prem Pravira took sannyas in 1981 and is a professional violinist, playing with some of the most reputable ensembles in the world. She is also a holistic counsellor for musicians, and a passionate cave diver.

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