(25 May 1943 – 6 August 2020)

Adina Color

Pratima writes:

Artist, poet, photographer, world traveler, explorer, adventuress – I first met Adina in Poona 1 but came to know her best when she moved to California in 1990. She was a wonderful friend, playful and fun, always coming up with interesting outings and adventures. She was outspoken and bold, funny, goofy, and loving, and sometimes daunting in her honesty.

A student of the world, she was fascinated by human history and achievement, and loved to challenge herself and try new things. She was steadfast in her friendships and committed to right living – passionate about the environment and causes of social justice. A truly unique human being, marching to her own drum and living her values in an amazing way.

Adina was born into the family of an English diplomat who changed postings every 2 years, so she came by her world citizenship honestly. She married twice, the first time in a chapel in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, the second to an American sannyasin – worlds that could not diverge further.

Explore to see how her art spilled from paintings to drawings to cloth to mosaic. Check out her photomusings; she could walk down a street and see a subtle image, take a pic, and pair it with the perfect quote so they both take on surprising new shades of meaning.

She faced her death as she faced her life, with courage and grace, describing the process of leaving as a triangle made up of grace, gratitude, and grief. She organized her departure with incredible attention to detail, a deliberation that characterized her life.

Towards the end, her house was full of cards from friends all over the world testifying to her generosity, originality, and love. People were touched by her, wherever she went. Her neighbors say that her simple curiosity and interest in others gradually forged the neighborhood into a community. Without Adina, they say, it would never have happened.

She has a sister, Claire, and a nephew and niece in London, and many, many friends whose lives have felt immeasurably enriched by her presence.

Fly high, beloved friend.

Thank you.

Samya writes:

Prem Adina worked in the boutique in Poona 1. She had a refined sence of beauty and she played a big part in making our boutique inviting. Behind the scenes, Adina had a great sense of humor, often disguised as a proper English lady. She was much loved by everyone working with her and her properness added spice to all the adventures we had as a group.

Thanks to Pratima and Samya for text, for photos also to Bhadrena, for alert to Upchara

A Poem and Mandalas by Adina

Blood Line
From “a person who de-lights in light”

Osho answers one of Adina’s questions

Our beings are connected


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Hi dear Adina
Fly on your adventurous wings, back home…..
Touched by your lively tenderness and integrity.
With Love,

Adina Beaumont – the best friend one could wish for, generous, direct, clear, supportive, to the point, artistic, creative, fun, amazing, loving…
No more walks in the hills and woods, no more visits, no more plans to go to Africa together…
We mourn the presence of an incredible human being.
You left your body as you inhabited it: with grace and grit.

As I’m writing these lines I cannot help but cry. And at the same time I laugh because so many memories come bubbling up. The long be rain-be-sunshine walks in the hills of Majorca, where Adina lived around the corner end of the 80ties. Preparing simple food together, sitting in silence in White Robe in Pollensa, watching in wonder the rare black eagles spreading their majestic wings up on the cliff. Searching for mushrooms (edible ones!:-) Hugging gently, talking for hours, philosophising, sharing our experiences with the master, meditation and men/women.

I remember Adina painting beautiful landscapes on bed sheets we laid out on a meadow (oh, why have I lost them, why?), laughing our a… off on board our “Osho” cruising over to Menorca and back – if I only could remember what we thought so funny! It was pure joy and out of character for Adina to laugh out loudly. She had the most wonderful soft smile coming straight from an innermost core of love.

We met, whenever we could, regularly for many years after Pune 2 was over for us, but Osho always in our hearts. Visiting friends in Italy, seeing exhibitions in London and Berlin… Then Adina moved to California. We saw less of each other. I visited three times in San Rafael – the last two times Adina was already fighting cancer.

First ignoring it, she didn’t want to give it too much energy and spent more and more time with painting, poetry and photography. The last time we met she seemed to have accepted her body’s limits, knowing it would eventually succumb to the disease, and she considered stopping Chemo, which she did many months later.

Even in pain her sense of humour never left her. Oh, sweet Adina… As she became more and more fragile her grace seemed only to increase. What a strange thing to say, I’m thinking. But maybe not. And yes, I cry. Because I miss her, will always miss her.

Adina, our “Dinsky”, one in a million. I regret not having visited her last year as I had planned to. But I know Adina will forgive me and say: “there’s nothing to regret, only to accept”. How good that pain and agony are over.

May our beloved beautiful, unique friend and fellow traveller Adina glide over pink clouds, pick imaginary Adina-coloured flowers in the Great Unknown and travel on Butterfly Air, until we meet again!

You always will be loved, Dinsky. Always.


the Gs come
easily when tuning into your Ghost:
Grace, gratitude, grit, get up and go, and now grieving. You Are a great lady. Let’s play together again In The Good Green garden to come. Always Love


From one improper English lady to another… Farewell Adina, dear old friend. Last seen waving me goodbye on a ferry to the San Francisco mainland many years ago.
I so well remember standing with you in Koregaon Park’s Riverside driveway, not long after Osho had left his body, your bags already packed, your eyes already on the far off future, telling me that Pune wasn’t big enough for what you wanted to do now. At that time I had the idea it was jewellery you wanted to design. I knew nothing about these elaborate colourful mandalas
I’m so glad you found the big space to fulfill your dreams.
Fly well, beloved one!

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