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An interview with Swaram where Arpana reflects on 35 years of journaling and living life with lightness, humour and non-seriousness.


Episode 95
Osho is a living presence

18 August 2020

Arpana talks about how taking sannyas and coming into contact with sannyasins opened a new dimension in his life. Arpana’s first Dynamic Meditation gave him an experience of bliss, and meeting Osho in person was pure silence. Through Osho, sannyas and meditation, Arpana learnt some valuable lessons in real life: how to connect with elevating people, how to see beauty and light in every situation, and how to set clear boundaries. Osho is a living presence in Arpana’s life and he continues to get inspiration and guidance from Osho by meditating and reading his books.

Prem Arpana took sannyas in 1979. Before taking sannyas he was involved in local politics and was invited to be a candidate for the British Labour Party as a councillor, the first step in becoming an MP. After meeting Osho, Arpana moved from a wildly extrovert life towards a hermit-like existence. He enjoys painting and writing, and has kept a daily journal for 35 years through which he learnt how to put things into perspective.

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