Who is Kamala Harris, what is her relationship with Joe Biden and how do they measure up to Donald Trump

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Shantamo examines, using his knowledge of the Human Design system, the characters and potentials of the protagonists of this year’s US elections.

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This article focuses on the upcoming presidential elections in the USA. I remember my first presentation at school was about the American electoral system, I must have been 11 years old at the time. If you have an interest in what happens in this country, which I feel still provides a blueprint for the world, and you like Human Design, then you’re in for a treat. Feel free to jump to the conclusion as well.

Since Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate, it has become clear who are the players in the race for the White House in 2020.

I will use the perspective of Human Design to look at the following questions:

  • Who are the two Democratic candidates?
  • What kind of relationship do they have?
  • How do they differ from the incumbent, Donald Trump?

Kamala Harris in Human Design

Kamala waves
Kamala Harris
Picture by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Kamala Harris is born in the incarnation theme of the Laws, which makes her want to give new structures to values that she perceives as essential for society. With the changes that life brings, also the laws, which ideally aim to establish fairness in the way we deal with each other, need to be updated. With her Sun in gate 50, line 2, she brings determination to this endeavor. She can stand up for her values in the face of opposition, if that is needed.

Within herself, Kamala Harris may appreciate the transformative quality that belongs to this incarnation theme, although it comes with a touch of melancholy – everything keeps on changing! Her Saturn in gate 30 helps her to understand that embracing setbacks can enrich her life. Once she settles in her inner resolve, the resulting clarity can shine light on confusion that she meets in the world around her.

Some people will understand that positions can and need to change over time – and Kamala Harris has an inborn ability to talk her way out of trouble – while others will see her as inconsistent. The latter view can be reinforced by a tendency in her personality to distract herself with viewpoints and people that may be stimulating, but do not nourish her immediate core values.

With her split definition and undefined Self, Ego, Emotions and Spleen centers she can lose track of her purpose and express ideas that are out of tune with it. This will weaken her impact. It is rooted in a childhood doubt whether intimate relationships can really work, which leads to a dent in her sense of self-worth. It is as if the bright shine of the full moon (Kamala Harris was born on a full moon, giving her something mysterious and magnetic) is then temporarily eclipsed. Pluto will create situations that strongly invite her to transform these outdated doubts and start again with a clean emotional slate. When she is in a state of trust, feeling emotionally supported by life (which can manifest through people around her) her words have the power to transform people.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
Picture by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Joe Biden, meanwhile, has the incarnation theme of Transference. He wants to make a contribution that enables and inspires others to obtain the good things in life, predominantly on the material plane. To do that, he needs to feel financially secure himself first. When he stays clear about his own material interests people will see him as dignified. He could, however, create confusion when he loses sight of the boundaries in material matters because he wants to be nice to someone.

Mars in gate 44 makes him an excellent networker, the 6th line there indicates there are periods he wishes to retreat from the world. With the unconscious moon in gate 61, line 1, he is intuitively attuned to the psychic dimension, something he may be experiencing in his religious life (Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic).

With six defined gates in an undefined Throat center he can express himself in many different ways, giving the other side the feeling that he speaks their language. It may also facilitate his famous predisposition for gaffes. There could be a deeper reason for those too: when he senses the current situation is unsatisfactory for him but does not want to acknowledge it, he can escape the realization by stirring up some external commotion.

The connection between his Sacral and his Self center lets him be in the right place at the right time. This happens as a result of an internal preparedness and a willingness for new, good things to happen. Fortune smiles on Joe Biden when he is aligned with his purpose. This alignment comes as a consequence of embracing his feelings, whatever they are, and then letting go of any expectations that underpin them. That is not always easy. You could say that Joe Biden’s good luck is well-earned.

Working together

For the cooperation between the two candidates we make a Human Design composite Chart. We can do this for any kind of relationship. Here we regard Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as business partners who commit to a common project. What becomes instantly clear when you look at the composite Chart is that the split definitions of each of them are now connected. On their own, they are both Generators with a mental projector part, meaning that their life energy and their thinking processes are not necessarily in unison. Now, all six central centers of the Human Design Chart, from the bottom to the top, are hooked up. This enables them to broadcast a coherent message, rooted in reality and inspired by a shared vision. With 10 of the 11 gates in the Throat center activated, they have many different ways to communicate, so that they can reach diverse audiences.

Biden Harris composite Chart
Biden Harris composite Chart

The way their Charts go together suggests friendship and mutual understanding, good for colleagues in a work environment. In a romantic setting, this composite would indicate each partner has chosen to do a lot of inner work to make the relationship viable.

In short, we can say that their strength lies in issuing a heart-felt appeal to the personal responsibility of each person in their audience. They will want to awaken a sense of higher values, that can direct people towards making the choices that are right for them.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaks
Donald Trump speaks

Trump is a formidable opponent, a highly intuitive man. He knows from experience that trusting his hunches can bring him success. He uses an emotionally tinged type of logic, and has an unconventional way to gather resources on the material plane. One of his main challenges is to bring consciousness to his needs and wants in the realm of intimacy. He can end up in a place of deep loneliness otherwise.

His Chart is a mixture of strong emotions, willpower and an ability to convince people in a way that goes under the radar of logic, with a kind of stealth argumentation style. Without sufficient self-awareness, this is an explosive concoction that in other times may have been associated with practicing black magic.


Trump’s Ego center and his Emotional center are defined, they are always active in his life. Even in the combined Chart of Biden and Harris both these centers remain undefined. It means that Trump can directly appeal to people’s guts in a way that they cannot. What they do have together is a defined Self center, which gives them what I would call a ‘moral compass’, an innate sense of values and direction. By walking their talk, while avoiding intellectual excursions, they can remind people that true values anchor us on our path and that each of us has a responsibility to find these values for ourselves and then implement them in our lives.

This seems to me to be more in tune with the general quality of these times, as they show in the transiting planets. However, they will need to fend off Trump’s emotional and intuitive attacks without getting too much embroiled in them. From a look at their Charts, Kamala Harris has the wherewithal to counter Trump’s sub-rational aggression, especially when she is supported by Joe Biden’s convivial sense of direction.

Joe Biden greets incoming vice-president Mike Pence, Nov 2016
Joe Biden greets incoming vice-president Mike Pence, Nov 2016

In case you wonder why I do not mention Mike Pence, it is because I do not know his birth time. He most probably has a 6/2 personality profile. That gives him overview and a natural leverage over others. 6/2s can choose to remain in the background and exert leadership from there. I think he has more influence on Trump’s policies than we realize.

With these elections, two different worlds are meeting in what could be a pivotal moment for the United States, and possibly for the world. I, for one, look on with great interest.

First published on Shantamo’s blog: yourhumandesign.ch


Shantamo Kamstra is a Human Design reader and teacher, and a Gene Keys Ambassador. yourhumandesign.ch – thewisdomstream.com

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