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In this Love Osho podcast Sadhak talks about the app Ask Bhagwan, why he created it and how he intends to expand it.

Prem Sadhak

Episode 96
Bringing together the sannyas community

22 August 2020

Sadhak was professionally very successful and enjoyed material affluence, when suddenly he felt like renouncing the world. That’s when Osho entered his life and changed everything. He was so inspired that he listened to Osho’s discourses for three years continuously, before creating the Ask Bhagwan App. In addition to offering Osho’s videos, audio discourses and meditations in one place (and for free), the Ask Bhagwan App brings together the sannyas community via the One World Meditation project and other amazing features. This is arguably the most exciting, innovative and valuable project in the world of Osho today.

Prem Sadhak took sannyas in 2013. He is a civil engineer by profession but decided to quit his job to work full-time on Ask Bhagwan.

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