Neo-Zen: Finding your Original Face


“Online Osho events continue unabated… There is no way even a global pandemic can shut the master up,” writes Samarpan referring also to today’s event with Keerti.

composite Keerti event

Early Saturday afternoon in the UK and Bodhisattva Swami Chaitanya Keerti appears live from his place in Chandigarh, Northern India. After a few technical hurdles have passed, Keerti starts to introduce a meditation he remembers from being with Osho many years ago.

On this day, Keerti is introducing a meditation to rediscover the inner face, the face we had in the womb but have now lost in the world of personality where we feel the need to make an impression. He suggests various stages … one of exaggerated tension in which the face assumes all kinds of unnatural attitudes, then we are encouraged to roar like a lion. Then there is gibberish and finally an ecstatic let go in which zoom participants from around the globe join in.

There is wild ecstatic dancing. All this followed by an after-meditation chat – and then my screen goes blank.

This week’s celebration is over; but next week there will be another – and if you want to join the meeting the Zoom number is again 503-510-4892. No password or payment required.

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Note: This weekend, extended to Monday, continues the Online Osho Leela Celebration (28-31 August) with the theme: Bringing the Heart of Osho Leela to You! More info and booking:


Amano Samarpan is a published photographer, living in the UK.

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