Pratibha – Life is a never-ending journey into bliss

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In this heartfelt conversation, Pratibha shares how she transmits Osho’s fragrance and grace via her Heart Dance and voice workshops.


Episode 98
Life is a never-ending journey into bliss

1 September 2020

Pratibha was a traveller with no intention to meet a guru when in January 1974, through a series of circumstances, she ended up in a meditation camp in Mt Abu, India. Pratibha describes in details how Osho used to conducted this extraordinary and deeply transformative event of which some precious and rare footage is thankfully still available. She was deeply touched by Kirtan (and the singer Taru Ma), which shaped her life.


Ma Anand Pratibha took sannyas in 1974. She is a singer, songwriter and teacher. She has been leading voice workshops for the past 25 years and plays music at many Osho Festivals and events around the world. Pratibha is known for the Heart Dance, an in-depth journey exploring the voice, freeing creative expression as well as expanding the vehicle for introspection, peace and healing.

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