Maneesha – A driving force for positive change

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Maneesha is interviewed by Love Osho Podcast. She shares how she chose Osho as her Master and her involvement in The Path of Love process.


Episode 99
A driving force for positive change

5 September 2020

Also this episode is part of the new edition of the Love Osho podcasts dedicated to sannyasins who did not meet Osho in the body.

Ma Prem Maneesha took sannyas in 2008. She is a Transpersonal and Integrative Psychotherapist, Family Constellation and Path of Love facilitator. She is also a Clinical Supervisor, Trainer and Trauma practitioner, and runs bespoke workshops for groups on a diverse range of topics related to personal development, transformation, essence and the True self.

Maneesha is an incredibly talented, energetic and passionate sannyasin who integrates her life experience, personality, education, professional development and practice with her love for Osho and self-growth. She imbibed Osho’s message and spirit and expresses it creatively in her life and work, and is committed to inspiring fellow individuals along the way to find their true call. Maneesha is an inspiration, a driving force for positive change and is crystal clear in articulating her vision for life and spiritual development.

Get inspired and enjoy her contagious positive energy!

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