Madhuro – The taste of meditation

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Singer-songwriter Madhuro talks to Swaram about the two much-loved songs he wrote, ‘I keep on loving you’ and ‘I just close my eyes’, and about his next project.


Episode 101
The taste of meditation

15 September 2020

Disillusioned by politics and the counterculture movement, Madhuro came across sannyasins and discovered a new dimension in life. He was not looking for a Master but Osho somehow happened to him. With Osho, Madhuro came to understand the meaning of “eating the Master” and felt as if Osho fed him with meditation, of which he experienced the taste. Over time, Madhuro has become more sensitive and has refined his ability to receive Osho by learning how to listen to him like listening to music. As a musician and singer, Madhuro’s music comes from the heart of a lover and aims to express silence through words.

Deva Madhuro is a prominent musician and composer in the world of Osho, author of various CDs and poet of the inner world. He took sannyas in 1978 and moves between Australia and Osho Miasto in Italy, where he plays music and also works as a chef.

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