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Swaram interviews Ageh Bharti: with anecdotes of the early days, when he was invited to Rajneeshpuram and Osho’s impact in the world.

Ageh Bharti

Episode 103
One Global Government

22 September 2020

Ageh Bharti had an experience of pure bliss which lasted for 2 months during which he felt Enlightened. He went to meet Osho in 1967 to discuss this matter and Osho told him that his state was not Enlightenment but the highest state of the mind, something very rare.

Ageh Bharti was very intimate with Osho and could visit him at any time, including travelling around India during Osho’s public discourses.

At 86 years of age, Ageh Bharti continues to carry on spreading Osho’s message, speaking at colleges around India and is particularly committed to the project, One Global Government.


Swami Ageh Bharti met Osho in Jabalpur in 1967 and took sannyas in 1971. He is a poet, writer, author of 21 books about Osho and is a sought-after speaker in India.

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