Tarangita – From Rudeness to Friendliness

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An interview by Swaram: from fear to trust, and the challenge of living a communal life.


Episode 104
From Rudeness to Friendliness

29 September 2020

In the 80s Tarangita was a young radical feminist who used to shout aggressively at sannyasins women passing by on the street of Amsterdam, accused of being slaves of a man (Osho). After becoming a sannyasin, she learnt to trust herself and healed her deep wound as a result of a traumatic and abusive childhood. Thanks to the healing power of Osho’s smile, Tarangita has gone a long way from fear to trust and today keeps learning the art of living with love, kindness and playfulness.

Ma Shantam Tarangita took sannyas in 1984 and is a former nurse. Together with Vrienden van Osho (Friends of Osho Netherlands), she makes Osho available in the Netherlands on cable-tv. Tarangita lives in the Osho Mevlana Commune in Amsterdam together with 25 friends and is constantly working on herself learning everyday how to live a more peaceful and happy life.

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