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In an interview with Swaram, Jalada reflects on the experience of living in Osho’s three communes, her work in his library – and on a project for a community.


Episode 106
The power of love

6 October 2020

After two tragic life experiences, Jalada set off on a path of spiritual awakening and shortly afterwards she came across Osho. She experienced the magic of Osho’s energy transmission and took part in all three phases of his work: sex, power and death. In Poona 2, she was tasked with preparing Osho’s discourse material and enjoyed a magic intimate moment with Osho. Jalada is an extremely sensitive, intelligent and profound woman who, for the first time, shares openly her intimate relationship with Osho.

Ashram Boutique, Poona One
Jalada in Poona one
in the ashram garden
040 Energy-Darshan-1981
with Papaji, Lucknow 1992

Ma Prem Jalada took sannyas in 1977 and lived with Osho from then on in all the three communes. In Poona 2 she worked in the Lao Tzu Library preparing the clipboard with the questions and jokes for Osho’s discourses.

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