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An interview by Swaram: How meeting Osho has changed Valli’s life and about the sannyas community today.


Episode 109
Master your mind

20 October 2020

Swami Deva Vallabha (aka Valli) took sannyas in 1979 and worked in the commune as a samurai ensuring Osho’s security. By meeting Osho, Valli transformed his life from being a victim of circumstances to living in gratefulness and presence.

As a young man Valli had a vision of a man in a white robe with a long beard who then he recognised as Osho. When taking sannyas, Osho told him to be the master of his mind, not a slave of it. That’s been Valli’s life journey to the present day. Valli has been deeply touched by Osho and shares his sincere gratitude for the incredible life he has been able to live thanks to Osho.

Valli is passionate about sharing meditation and offers retreats based on The Work of Byron Katie.

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