Pratibha – The healing power of sound

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Interviewed by Love Osho, Pratibha de Stoppani shares how singing is psychologically and spiritually therapeutic. She also talks about emotions, the chakras and being a mother as a young sannyasin.

Pratibha de Stoppani

Episode 110
The healing power of sound

27 October 2020

When she took sannyas, Pratibha was pregnant and received direct guidance from Osho on giving birth and motherhood as a spiritual seeker. She discovered the healing gift of the voice almost accidentally and decided to dedicate herself fully to sharing this powerful and life-transforming journey. For Pratibha singing is psychologically and spiritually therapeutic and has nothing to do with repeating sounds. Over the years she has helped thousands change their lives through sounds, awareness and celebration.

Ma Deva Pratibha took sannyas in 1976. She has integrated many psychological and spiritual therapies with her direct experience in Osho’s communes, in order to create her own unique approach using the voice as a vehicle for transformation. She is the founder of Voicing© and leads groups and trainings all over the world.

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