Adieu automne!


Goodbye autumn! – a selection of photos by Allan.

010 Allan_Forest_Autumn03
020 Allan_Forest_Autumn22
025 Allan_Forest_Autumn02
030 Allan_Forest_Autumn06
040 Allan_Forest_Autumn01
050 Allan_Forest_Autumn12
060 Allan_Forest_Autumn11
070 Allan_Forest_Autumn14
080 Allan_Forest_Autumn10
090 Allan_Forest_Autumn04
100 Allan_Forest_Autumn15
110 Allan_Forest_Autumn05
120 Allan_Forest_Autumn21
130 Allan_Forest_Autumn19
140 Allan_Forest_Autumn18

I love watching the shift of seasons; of birth, death and rebirth. Nature has a way of showing us how even in death there is beauty. Vibrant green foliage transforming into oranges, reds and yellows before wilting into death waiting for the arrival of winter before coming to life once again.

Watching leaves falling onto the forest floor brings understanding as to how forests thrive for generations if left alone. Dead leaves turning into mulch and fertilizer so the forest can continue to grow. A never-ending cycle.

Immersing into the natural world I don’t feel separate from life. Photographing and tuning in to creation, I am never alone and isolated – rather I am an integral aspect of existence, whether as a physical presence or a spiritual entity.

Allan Deekshant

Allan Deekshant lives on the Sunshine Coast, Canada, and currently freelances and takes landscape photographs. – Instagram and Facebook: @allanforestphotography –

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