…left her body on 24 October 2020.

010 Vallabha
020 Vallabha
030 Vallabha and Kavyo
060 favourite dress cr Marina Sagl
070 2012
075 Vallabha with dog
080 Vallabha pilot
090 2012 im Colosseum in Nürnberg
100 with Prem Kavyo

Ma Amrit Vallabha (aka Susanne Panchal or Valla) came to the Pune ashram in 1985, when Osho was still abroad, and took sannyas from Osho by post. In 2005 she met Prem Kavyo whom she then married. She has been working in medical centres in Nuremberg, Bavaria and together with her friend Anudip opened a medical clinic cum meditation center and meeting place for sanyasins there. They organized many events, small workshops, meditations and live music events.

Vallabha was a beautiful person, full of joy. She lived her life dancing, laughing and celebrating.

Text thanks to Prem Kavyo, photos from her FB account


Beloved One, to hear of your departure was one of the most shocking news in a shocking news-stricken time! You, the one full of life, joy, mischief, fun, depth, honesty? Suddenly gone? Hard to believe and a fierce reminder… Thanks for all the love and fun we shared! For the deep and caring talks in Poona, the fun exchanges via FB… deeply cherished and always remembered. Bye, dear Vallabha 🌹🌹

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