Kiran – The first Meditation Centre in Romania

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Interviewed by Swaram, Kiran shares how she came to know about Osho and what she would like to see in the world of Osho today.


Episode 111
The first Meditation Centre in Romania

3 November 2020

Kiran grew up in Communist Romania and discovered Osho through a book. It took her many years after the 1989 Revolution to come into contact with sannyasins and deeper explore the world of Osho. Through Osho’s vision, methods and meditation techniques Kiran discovered a new self hidden inside and knew she was on the right path. In this episode Kiran shares her experience in successfully running an urban Osho Meditation Centre.

Ma Anand Kiran took sannyas in 2007 and is a former language teacher and journalist who decided to drop her profession to start an Osho Meditation Centre in Bucharest. Kiran offers workshops, retreats and individual sessions. She is also a bodyworker and Tantra teacher.

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