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An interview with Himalaya: how he learned to integrate inner bliss with real life, his journey from the 70s to the present day and how the Path of Love process opened a new dimension for him.


Episode 112
Osho disturbed me

10 November 2020

Himalaya was travelling in India on the hippie route when suddenly he felt lost and in despair. That’s when he connected with Osho – and changed his life. He has learnt thanks to Osho how to integrate inner bliss with real-life situations.

Swami Anand Himalaya took sannyas in 1976 and is a former engineer who has worked on commercial ships travelling around the world. Himalaya is part of the Path of Love Team and is a lover of freedom and self-exploration. For many years he has lived around the sannyas community in Australia and has recently moved to Corfu, Greece for a new adventure.

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