Words will very soon be changed to pictures


In a discourse in 1971, Osho made a prophetic statement.

Osho in Woodland, Mumbai

To my mind, as methods of communication develop, the conveying of thought through speech will return again. For a while the printed word was the most important, but now technological advances are leading us back to the possibility of direct communication through a living medium, through television.

After a while, nobody will be willing to read a book anymore. I can speak to the whole world on a television network. All can listen directly. Therefore, the future of the book is not very good. Now, in a way, a book will not be read; it will be seen. This will have to be made popular; the book will have to be transformed. Now microfilms have developed, so it is possible to see the book on a screen. Words will very soon be changed to pictures.

In my view writing developed out of helplessness. There was no other way. Even now, those who want to convey something that is very important use the medium of speech.

Osho, Dimensions Beyond the Known, Ch 1, Q 3 (excerpt, translated from Hindi)

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