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Interview with Veena about her life with Osho and her book, Glimpses of my Master.

Podcast with Veena - Dr Kevin Reese

Glimpses of my Master book coverA few weeks ago I received an email from a person I didn’t know – someone called Kevin Reese who told me that he loves Osho and was inspired by my book, Glimpses of my Master. He asked if he could interview me about Osho for his podcast website called ‘Inner Peace’. I was rather reluctant because I feel I am not a good speaker – I prefer writing – and I have had so many bad experiences in the past with media interviews.

Looking further on Kevin’s websites, however (and after a few more personal emails), I felt that this man had gone through some kind of transformation, both physical and spiritual, so I finally said yes.

I am so very glad that I did because the interview turned out to be a deep and meaningful communication. Kevin is very intelligent, perceptive and humble, and asked really in-depth, sincere questions. I was surprised to find that I was talking about Osho in a way I have seldom done before. The one hour turned into two as it seemed there was so much to discuss. The podcast was then published yesterday, on 15th November, on

Kevin ReesSo who is Kevin Reese? On his website he says that he was an unhealthy radio personality for CBS where he interviewed celebrities, hosted concerts and was known as a “shock jock.” After becoming chronically sick and ending up on heart-monitors at only 28 years old, he decided to follow the path of natural health by transforming himself through the use of fruit and vegetables. After a 12-year career in broadcasting, his new passion for health motivated him to leave radio and earn a Ph.D. in holistic health and nutrition.

For Osho News I asked him a few further questions like how he came to hear about Osho, what Osho means to him and how he came to find my book. I will let him tell the story in his own words because I like his style of writing!

In 2011 I was in a dark place and somehow I had a Satori. That turned me into a seeker. I found Osho in my seeking, but never went further than the YouTube videos which are typically around 10 minutes long. In 2012 I met a Mystic at an Ashram and he really changed the direction of my life. He mentored me for 7 years. However, he disappeared in 2018, leaving a void.

I decided to get more serious about my studies and practice so I started going through teachers, new and old. In doing that I found a YouTube video called ‘Boredom’ in English by Osho. This recording of Osho, which I think is from the Darshan Diaries [it is a discourse excerpt, ed.] , blew me away and I can only describe it as I got high. LOL It was the first time I had heard Osho in long form, instead of just a 10-minute clip.

I then discovered that his “audiobooks” on ‘Audible’ are really his Satsangs! I started buying them up and listening every day. Soon, I had another Satori! A few actually. I was in love.

I’m leaving out many details of course.

Anyway, I got rid of all the other teachers I was listening to and doubled down on Osho and have been with him ever since. Over two years, Satsangs, meditations and books.

Then in late 2019 I met Vishrant, a sannyasin from Australia who eventually awakened in 1999. He blew me away too! He tried to murder me! LOL I had no choice but to “touch the feet.” So to speak. So now, it’s kinda like Osho is my master and root teacher and Vishrant is my living teacher. It’s been wonderful because I can ask him questions when needed. When time permits, I listen to Vishrant Satsangs in the morning and Osho Satsangs in the evening. I’m high a lot, with no drugs. LOL

To me, Osho, Bhagwan, means nothingness and celebration, all at the same time.

In answer to my third question, he writes further:

After Osho blew my mind in the Summer of 2018, I went down rabbit holes to better understand the man, his work and the controversies surrounding him. The three books that really helped a lot were: The Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic, The First Buddha in the Dental Chair (by Swami Devageet, Osho’s dentist); and Glimpses of my Master. These readings touched me and fulfilled my urge to understand a spiritual master. I could now continue my love affair with Osho and his recorded Satsangs. I could also see the documentary, Wild Wild Country, as a very skewed and misunderstood perspective. I found that the average person cannot understand a spiritual master, especially one like Osho, who created devices to shock you for the purpose of awakening.

I am endlessly touched at the way so many people are finding inspiration and fulfilment in Osho’s vision even though he is no longer here in his physical body. And people like Kevin Reese and my good friends Swaram and Chetna – and many others – inspire me with their independent search for the truth, love and understanding that Osho so awesomely embodies.


Veena is the author of a trilogy of books about her path to and with Osho.

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