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 and the conscious community

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Episode 113
Corfu Buddha Hall
 and the conscious community

17 November 2020

Vasanti was a hippie traveling across India on the “Magic Bus” and was not into Gurus. However, she was pulled to Osho and took sannyas, despite her resistance. She describes the experience of living and working in the commune as if immersed in an ocean of bliss. After Osho left the body, she founded Corfu Buddha Hall, which has greatly contributed to the development of the conscious community in Arillas, Corfu.

Ma Prem Vasanti took sannyas in 1979 and is the co-founder of Corfu Buddha Hall, a space for meditative arts. It is a spectacular venue on Corfu, Greece, that supports and promotes conscious living, The Hall was built as a centre for Gurdjieff Sacred Dances, inspired by the Osho’s vision.

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