Silence speaks

Art Gallery

A selection of digital mandalas by Satyaprem.

010 Satyaprem (2)
020 Satyaprem
030 Satyaprem
040 Satyaprem
050 Satyaprem
060 Satyaprem
070 Satyaprem
080 Satyaprem
090 Satyaprem
100 Satyaprem
110 Satyaprem
115 Satyaprem
130 Satyaprem
140 Satyaprem
150 Satyaprem
160 Satyaprem
170 Satyaprem
180 Satyaprem

Flowers of silence. Sprouting from silence. Yes, silence speaks, has colours, forms, movement.

These mandalas come from the center and throw the viewer back to the center, a center that isn’t a particular place; it’s everywhere. It defies rational understanding, the senses, the mind. It’s a fragrance from the unknown.

I am a mere hollow bamboo in this process, not a maker. It could be said that I do not know what is being done. It’s a flow of consciousness. A basic digital process – artificial intelligence and its random numbers – is used to express inner silence, beauty and truth.


Satyaprem, a rebellious spirit, a misfit, no-body, no-mind – not necessarily in that order…

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