Ushma – Why open a meditation centre today

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Swaram interviews Ushma: how to make a meditation centre work and why Osho is so popular in Italy.


Episode 114
Why open a meditation centre today

24 November 2020

As a young woman, Ushma was looking for the meaning of life and set off on an adventure to India in search of a guru. Back in Italy she joined the Hare Krishna movement and lived in a Buddhist monastery before she came across sannyasins – and then finally found her path. For many years she ran an Osho Meditation Centre in Italy and contributed to making Osho available in Italy by organising festivals and creating CDs of guided meditations.

Ma Deva Ushma took sannyas in 1978 and ran the Arihant Osho Meditation Centre in Italy for 40 years. She is an Osho Neo-Reiki Master, a bodyworker and is very passionate about sharing and teaching Osho’s meditations.

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