Sannyas makes no compromise

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (136)


Osho 1960s

Sannyas is a pilgrimage to Mt. Everest –
naturally there are difficulties on the way.
But the fruits of determination are sweet too,
so bear everything calmly and joyously
but don’t give up your commitment.
Serve your mother even more than before –
sannyas is not a running away from responsibility.
Your family is not to be given up,
rather do you have to make the whole world your family.
Encourage your mother to take sannyas too.
Tell her: You have seen enough of the world,
now raise your eyes towards God.
But make sure she is caused no trouble
on your account.
This doesn’t mean giving in or compromising –
sannyas knows no compromise.
Strong, bold and resolute
is the soul of sannyas.

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