Center of attention


“Collectively, we can revolutionize social reality by being the source of our transformation,” writes Iam Saums.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Self as Center

We cannot blame ourselves. It happens to us before we even understand what awareness is, let alone how it is best practiced. As children, we are programmed by our parents, family, teachers, ministers and society before we can draw distinctions of what is and is not social conditioning. We are told it is for our own good, so we learn to cling to it as a lifeline. Our individual reality is our center of importance. Selfishness becomes our way of life. It cuts us off from society, nature, experience, relativity, each other and ourselves. Yet the perceptual filter of egoism never provides a healthy vision of who we are beyond who we see in the mirror. We are merely a phantom of ourselves.

Common Illusion

Our focus is our power. The measure of its existence is defined by how it is expressed. No matter how much attention we may intend, it exists within the vacuum of social reality. The intricate design of human experience is riddled with amusements and mirages to constantly seize whatever focus we may muster in any given moment. Our engagement is what sustains the delusion. Therefore, the war on perception for our interest wages forward, intensifying with every view. Consciousness is sacrificed upon the altar of social media for a superficial sense of belonging, purpose and worth. The image becomes more present and powerful than its source. We inevitably become an illusion of ourselves.

Social Vacancy

Recent events with the virus have not only crippled and compromised the confidence, immunity, tolerance and understanding of the world. It has also isolated, separated and terrified humanity en masse, breaking the foundations of community, compassion and good will. Given time, most things of this nature will ultimately pit us against each other in a race for entitled, self-righteous supremacy over our fellow human beings to defend and protect our anxiety and fear with our own egotistical projections of animosity, contempt and envy. We are clever like that. Able to exploit and strategize with the best of them to uphold our social standing in a decaying society hellbent on measuring success with money and power instead of belonging and love.

Democracy Trumps Narcissism

Survival of the fittest, such as it is in the US, especially now, is why sociopathic egomaniacs have highjacked and manipulated what we experience and perceive as democracy. Its very nature does not sustain the intricate systems of control, power and profit established and maintained in the business, educational, political and religious arenas. Yet, for the first time in 12 years, we saw democracy in the US come alive, gain momentum, express its power and thrive in the midst of a global pandemic. As remarkable as the last few weeks have been, it is only the advent of a momentous shift in human evolution, community, consciousness and transformation. The real work of manifesting new possibilities begins now.

It is in dire times when we discover who we truly are.

Burden to Bear

There is no doubt that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years. A perfect storm of disease, delusion, misinformation, social civil war and tragedy most of us have never experienced. Though our probable future looks as bleak as the last nine months, there is an evident, stark symbolism. In many ways, we are being birthed into a new era of existence. It may be difficult to see amidst the chaos and trauma that wreaks havoc upon our senses. The structures of social reality are transforming with the momentum of the current universal shift. We all have the unique opportunity to go with the flow of this movement. destinyNow is the time to rise to the occasion and empower our global destiny.

Focal Point

To where, who and what we guide our attention sets the course of our existence. Our focus determines the realization of our being, energy and intention. When we are impelled to react to circumstances and people, we become a product of the reality to which we subscribe. When we are inspired to be proactive, we become creators of our reality. Our personal power begins with the intention of our focus, the expression of our energy and the unique purpose we manifest. All of us have, are and will always be centers of possibility for transforming any experience we may choose to empower. Collectively, we can revolutionize social reality by being the source of our transformation.

Origin of Being

Recently, we have witnessed multiple examples of what, how and who not to be. When we turn on our devices, radios or televisions the archaically corrupt models of leadership let alone civility are well represented. In fact, social reality holds little space for authenticity, humility and honesty. The birthplace of being is in our breath. Seems simple. Yet it is always leaving us far more often than consciously taken. In the heat of the moment, when we cross the threshold of inner peace, patience and tolerance, breathing is the best practice we can choose. It brings awareness, being, focus, observation and serenity. Whether it is the life-sustaining oxygen, the vital reprieve from reality or shifting our experience, it is the source of our personal power.

Center as Self

Whether we choose to acknowledge it, we are inclined to make ourselves the center of attention. It is a default, fixed way of emulation motivated by societal structures to enforce acquiescence, conflict, division and oblivion. Shifting our intention away from our individual experience to serve others in the spirit of community empowers us to transform our focus, way of being and ultimately social reality. The most powerful expression of transformation occurs when we transcend living self-centered by being a centered self. We establish our center by aligning with the universe through our intuition. This inspires us to be centered in our soul. True being thrives when it is experienced by all.

Enlightenment is being sourced by our soul.


Iam Saums is a musician, student of G.I. Gurdjieff School, poet and writer.

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