Drink From Me


Praful presents a recent co-creation with Pernilla Kannapin.

‘Drink From Me’ by Praful & Pernilla Kannapinn
Released on 24th Dezember 2020 to Spotify: open.spotify.com and to all other streaming and download services album.link and praful.bandcamp.com
Pernilla Kannapinn – vocals, violin
Praful – vocals, guitar, melodica, sax, flute, rhodes, keys, percussion, programming
Produced by Praful & Pernilla Kannapinn; Recorded & mixed by Praful @ Skywalker Studio; Mastering by Darius van Helfteren, Amsterdam Mastering

I’m not sure when I first met Pernilla Kannapinn, but it was probably around two or three years ago, on one of the many conscious summer festivals in Holland I usually play. I liked her free-spirited, fairy-like energy – she was driving around Europe in her gipsy camper van (her ‘snail house’) with her little dog, sharing her music wherever she was invited, just like I was.

Her music is full of heart, joy and light, weaving stories flowing from innocence and freedom. As we met more often at various gatherings, here and there we also played a piece together. Finally after last summer, I decided to invite her to my studio to contribute some violin and vocals to my next solo album which I have been working on all year (it will be released very soon).

We had a lovely and fun time in the studio and it asked for more – so we ended up meeting again soon afterwards to co-compose and record this new, lush, sensual, tango-infused song.

The lyrics are written by Pernilla, and she sings the lead and plays the violin – and I gave it the most inspiring and musically rich Praful-treatment, with lots of instruments and some vocals also.

Then Pernilla made this amazing video clip. It seems somewhat paradoxical to sing about melting into ONE in these times of social distancing… But maybe it can also remind us of other times, past and hopefully near future, when we can be deeply entwined again with our beloved. In the meantime, I’d say self love is always a good practice as well.


Like the earth sleeps in a dewdrop
A galaxy lives in your eyes
Like the moon looks at the sea
I look at you and I see me.

Like twigs woven with each other
Our limbs deeply entwined
Like the bark clings to the tree
I am you and you’re in me.

Oh my lover we are gifted
to meet within this earthly gown
Our souls are dancing wildly
as we are melting into one.

Like the bee is all besotted
with honey-nectar from the blossom
Like the sun drinks from the sea
I’m drowning as you drink from me

Like the waves writhe on the shore
with seaweed hair and foamy skirts
Like the wind moves in the tree,
I move you as you move in me.

Oh my lover we are gifted
to meet within this earthly gown
Our souls are dancing wildly
as we are melting into one.

Oh my lover, I can feel you
beyond all space, throughout all time
you live in me I live in you
and you are yours and I am mine.


Praful is a master sound healer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and producer based in Germany. prafulmusic.com

Pernilla Kannapinn

Pernilla Kannapinn is a singer-songwriter, violinist, composer, an artist, painter and storyteller. instagram.comlinktr.ee

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