After I leave my body


Osho’s reply to a question from Italian TV, just a few months before he left his body.

Osho in Kulu Manali

My trust in existence is absolute. If there is any truth in what I am saying, it will survive. The people who remain interested in my work will be simply carrying the torch but not imposing anything on anyone.

I will remain a source of inspiration to my people. And that’s what most sannyasins will feel. I want them to grow on their own – qualities like love, around which no church can be created, like awareness, which is nobody’s monopoly; like celebration, rejoicing, and maintaining fresh, childlike eyes…

I want my people to know themselves, not to be according to someone else.

And the way is in.

Dictated response by Osho to a question submitted by an Italian journalist in November 1989, published in Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic

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