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Author and psychotherapist Shaida (Catherine Auman) talks on Osho’s Tantra vs mainstream Tantra, and Ken Wilber, the founder of integral psychology.


Episode 125
Osho out of the closet

9 February 2021

Shaida came across Osho in 1978, looking at Osho’s eyes on the cover of a book. One day she felt an overwhelming bliss and decided to take sannyas despite her rational mind. For many years she had to keep her spiritual side undercover. As an author and well-established authority in her profession, she now leads Tantra workshops and openly discusses Osho’s ideas with her clients.

Ma Dhyan Shaida (Catherine Auman) holds an MA in Psychology and a BA in Literature and a Certificate in Creative Writing from Berkeley City College. She is the author of four books, is a licensed psychotherapist and taught psychology and counselling at JFK University, the University of Phoenix, and The Chicago School for Professional Psychology.

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