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A show presented by Raghav Malhotra at New India News Live – discussing Osho’s intellectual property rights, the role of OIF, and the importance of Osho’s Samadhi in Pune.

Zoom Save Osho's legacy

The panels shown below have spurred a letter-writing campaign by volunteers in India, Nepal and USA to make an appeal directly to the Honourable Prahlad Singh Patel, India’s Minister of Culture, for his support to preserve Osho’s legacy. The Ministry of Culture is the Indian government ministry in charge of preservation and promotion of arts and culture of India.

Furthermore, Swami Prem Geet (Yogesh Thakker) from Osho Friends Foundation has made a global appeal to all sannyasins and friends to further support the cause with letters to the Prime Minister of India, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai Region. A sample letter and postal and e-mail addresses can be found on Osho Friends Foundation’s home page.

NIN Live 21.2.2021

Broadcast live on February 21, 2021, the participants were Prem Anadi, Anand Kamlesh and Satya Vedant. The sudden interest in the topic comes in the wake of reports that the Resort/OIF wishes to sell two plots of land in Koregaon Park, namely numbers 15 and 16 (known as Basho where the pool is located). The market value of the properties is approximately US$13 million.

Hindi was the predominant language used but Satya Vedant spoke mainly in English (at 13.00 mins). He said, “Osho is not just an author, we have never seen him just as a guru figure… he is much more than that for us, for the people in India. He is actually a force, he is like an energy, like a light; he is not a person, not a figurehead… We are eternally grateful to Osho… such a phenomenon… for showing us a way how to be and how not to be.”

Vedant delivered a spirited speech, declaring that “A group of people known as OIF based in Pune have emerged in representing, revising, re-expressing… they are assuming they already have the authority to tinker with Osho’s work.”

He called upon Osho’s people to mobilize, to become one force – not as crusaders but to make use of available facts and data to show what has happened and why. “Collectively we can make this happen,… a joint effort is needed.”

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NIN LIVE 14.2.2021

As a pre-runner, a Zoom discussion entitled ‘Conspiracy behind Osho’s death, Samadhi in Pune and his intellectual property rights’, was streamed live on February 14, 2021.

Raghav Malhotra from NIN LIVE also moderated this discussion with participants Chaitanya Keerti, Anand Sheela, Anand Arun, Abhay Vaidya and Yogesh Thakker (Prem Geet). Hindi was the main language used; Sheela spoke in English while Keerti and Abhay Vaidya  interspersed their talk in English with some Hindi.

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Introduction updated on 26.2.2021 as new information came in

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