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Anugyan, a Rebalancing teacher, speaks to Swaram about bodywork, bringing meditation and Osho’s vision to the real world and integrating the inner with the outer.


Episode 127
The body is my teacher

23 February 2021

Anugyan was living in London and studying to become a teacher when he came across Osho and his life took a completely different turn. He became a body therapist almost accidentally and discovered how to practice awareness by watching his body. He decided to live meditatively in the real world and bring Osho’s message to life through his work as a body healer.

Prem Anugyan has been working as a body therapist since 1985. For 15 years he worked at the Osho Commune in Pune, India. He taught at the Healing Arts Academy and worked as a Rebalancer in USA, Switzerland, Italy, UK, India, Japan and Taiwan. In 2008, together with his wife, he founded the Silence of Touch Rebalancing School which is, since 2016, a state-approved school for Rebalancing Bodywork.

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