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Swaram interviews Anadi, the organiser of the Osho Golden Childhood Tours.


Episode 129
Osho’s golden childhood

9 March 2021

Anadi had the privilege of growing up in the same place where Osho experimented with life, death and meditation. Anadi’s parents, being Osho’s childhood friends, told him many anecdotes about Osho’s incredible childhood. In his adult life, Anadi is now committed to share and pass on these immensely valuable stories and experiences by organising tours and taking small groups of people retracing the most important places where Osho had been. In this interview, Anadi shares with an open heart his love for Osho, and his own understanding and life experience as a meditator and seeker of truth.

Anand Anadi was born in Osho’s hometown, Gadarwara, on the same street, and grew up in Osho’s vibrations. In 1981, at the age of 18, he was initiated into sannyas. Soon after Osho left the body, Anadi started working in the Osho Commune International. Since 1999 he is travelling across the world to facilitate and share Osho’s meditations. In India, he organises the Osho Golden Childhood Tour – travelling to places where Osho had spent his early life till the age of 40. Anadi knows the area intimately and introduces fellow travellers to rare places and friends who were part of Osho’s early journey.

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Chetna and Swaram run the platform Love Osho and are presently travelling.

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