I have burned my fingers with Gautam Buddha

The Urgency

Osho states, “And without being awakened you miss life, its meaning, and you will miss your death and its meaning.”

Signature by Osho

Maneesha has asked a question:

Apparently the “Akashic Daily Chronicle” newspaper ran an interview with Gautama. As a result, Krishna and Christ are packing their bags for their second coming – destination, Poona. Gautama told them that living with you was really something, and so they want to check out the scene for themselves.

Any comment?

Maneesha, please try to prevent them, because I have burned my fingers with Gautam Buddha – that’s enough! No more disturbance in my sleep; no more knocking on my doors. These fellows are good from far away. To live in the same room or in the same body… those four days I will never forget!

After many many days, the time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh has come.

Father Fumble is thumbing through the church records one day, when he notices that one of his flock, Hamish McTavish, does not seem to have given any money to the church charities. The young priest decides to pay a call on Hamish, who is rumored to be very rich, and see if he can squeeze any money out of him.

“The records show,” says Father Fumble, “that you have never donated any money to our charities.”

“That’s right,” says Hamish. “And do your records also show that I have a crippled uncle who is completely unable to take care of himself? Furthermore,” continues Hamish, “do they show that my sister was left a widow with ten children to take care of and no insurance or other means of support?”

“Well, no,” says Father Fumble, a little embarrassed. “Our records do not show that.”

“So,” replies Hamish, “why should I give anything to you, when I don’t give anything to them?”


Old Grandpa Babblebrain is finally persuaded to take his grandchildren, Biff and Bippy, to the zoo for the day. Biff and Bippy are really having a great time as they drag Grandpa here and there, pointing out the animals.

Grandpa is going a little senile, and is not always too sure where he is, or what he is doing. Then Bippy points into one cage and shouts, “Oh! Grandpa, look! That is a laughing hyena!”

Grandpa looks at the animal, and does not recognize it at all. “I don’t believe it,” says Grandpa. So he goes over to the zookeeper and asks what kind of animal it is.

“Yup,” says the zookeeper, “it is a laughing hyena, alright.”

“What is so special about this animal?” asks Grandpa.

“Well,” says the zookeeper, “he only eats once a day.”

“Hm,” says Grandpa, “just like me.”

“And,” continues the zookeeper, “he only takes a bath once a week.”

“Hm,” says Grandpa, “just like me.”

“And,” says the zookeeper, “he only makes love once a year.”

“Hm,” says Grandpa, shaking his head. “Then why is he laughing?”


Chief Boonga, the head of a primitive African tribe, writes a letter to Pope the Polack at the Vatican. The Polack pope had sent three missionaries to the Boonga tribe a few months before.

“Your Holiness,” writes Chief Boonga, “I would like to thank you personally for sending out the three Catholic missionaries to us. I and my tribe found them kind, compassionate, loving, wise, sensitive – and absolutely delicious!”






Be silent. Close your eyes, and feel your body to be completely frozen.

This is the moment you can look inwards with your total consciousness, and with an urgency as if this is going to be your last moment. Only with such urgency can you reach to your very center immediately! And to be at your very center is to be a buddha. There is nothing beyond it.

In this silence, in this blissfulness, this night becomes golden, something of the beyond.

Just remember one thing: the only quality of a buddha is to be a witness. The moment you are just a witness… looking at the body, you are not it; looking at the mind, you are not it. You are just the witness. Immediately you are transformed into a totally different world.

To make it clear, Nivedano…


Relax, but remember your witness. Whether you are sitting or lying or walking, your witness is always at the center, utterly still – just like a statue of a buddha. Flowers will start showering over you, the spring has come so suddenly. The Buddha Auditorium has become a lake of consciousness without any ripples.

Collect as much life energy, collect as many flowers as the spring breeze has brought within you. You have to bring them back and persuade the buddha to come along with you. It is your very nature. There is no question that it will not be persuaded; it has always been persuaded.

Unless the buddha becomes your very life – your walking, your working, your speaking, your silence – unless it becomes all that you are, you are not awakened. And without being awakened you miss life, its meaning, and you will miss your death and its meaning.

Only a buddha does not miss even a single drop of existential beauty, blissfulness and ecstasy.



Come back. But come back like a buddha – silently, peacefully, with a great grace. Sit just for a few minutes to remember and to recall the golden path you have traveled upon, the ultimate peace at the center of your being, and the experience of buddha nature, another name for the eternity of your being.

Inch by inch, buddha is coming closer to you. Just arrange the path for him. The spring is guaranteed to come; so is buddha.

Okay, Maneesha?

Yes, Buddha.

Osho, No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity, Ch 6 (excerpt)

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