Take the mind out for a walk!

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Subhan shares a meditation than can be done anywhere!

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I am often asked the question, “How can I watch the mind?”

Here is a game I play that assists me in experiencing how the mind functions, from the position of a watcher. I call it ‘Take the Mind Out for a Walk!’

What I do is walk through the neighborhood and watch what the mind is doing. And from observation, what it does is judge, just about everything, and most often, negatively!

“That house is too small.”
“That tree looks lop-sided.”
“That’s a weird-looking car.”
“That house needs painting.”

It goes on and on, continually throughout the walk! I don’t do anything to stop it. I just ‘watch’. (Actually ‘listen’ is probably more accurate.) There are some positive judgments, but the majority are negative.

If I identify with the mind’s shenanigans then I stew in negativity! Fortunately, over thirty years of meditation has helped me gain some distance from the mind, some dis-identification, and I often laugh at what it says! It becomes amusing, rather than being serious.

And sometimes even the mind gets tired of judging, and then the walk happens in silence for a bit.

You can also do this anywhere you are. Just watch how the mind is constantly judging everything!


Subhan is a certified counselor in Seattle, WA, USA and facilitates many different workshops. worldofmeditation.com

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