Haridas – Osho’s love for devotional poetry

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In this podcast, Haridas speaks on the challenge of translating Osho’s words from Hindi and about his book on the sannyas movement.

HaridasOsho’s love for devotional poetry
Episode 130

16 March 2021

Haridas took sannyas when he was already Dean at Murdoch University in Perth causing much clamour among his academic colleagues. He chose the Sufi way of sannyas, pursuing his academic profession whilst being a spiritual seeker. Osho deeply loved Hindi devotional poets and wished his talks on Sahajo and Daya would be translated into English for the world to know about them. “Perhaps the very mentioning will create the situation for their being translated,” Osho had commented in Books I Have Loved. Haridas did just that.

Anand Haridas is a scholar, translator and teacher, specialising in Indonesian and Malaysian literature, and Translation Studies. He received his degrees of Doctor of Philosophy in Malay Studies from the National University of Singapore and Doctor of Creative Arts from the University of Technology, Sydney. Besides his academic studies, he has translated extensively from Indonesian and Malay, from Vietnamese Francophone writing, and co-translated from Osho’s Hindi discourses on devotional Hindi poets. Haridas fulfilled Osho’s hope that these poets might one day be known to the world at large. wikipedia.org/Harry_Aveling

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