Buddha – Protecting Osho’s life

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Buddha talks to Swaram on how he learnt to spot danger by virtue of meditation, and being in Osho’s physical proximity.


Episode 131
Protecting Osho’s life

23 March 2021

In the Pune commune Buddha lived in Osho’s house protecting his life. It was a powerful and awakening experience: being totally alert in performing a dangerous and delicate job whilst relaxing and working without pressure and anxiety. He learnt to spot dangers by virtue of meditation and combine total awareness with complete relaxation.

In this episode, Buddha reveals delightful details about Osho’s extraordinary awareness and compassion, his love affair with Nirvano and an insightful incident with Sheela.

Anand Buddha was part of Osho’s personal security team called the Samurais, a group of men skilled in self-defence and martial arts. He was in charge of the night Samurai team and lived in close physical proximity to Osho. He is now writing a book about his experiences, called Sometimes Truth Has To Wait, and aims to bring all Osho lovers closer to one of the most amazing men who has walked the Earth.

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