Karima – Finding your true nature

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An interview with Karima, holistic counsellor and founder of the Inner Alchemy School.


Episode 132
Finding your true nature

30 March 2021

Karima was studying Psychology in Germany when she met sannyasins who invited her to try a bio-energetic and tantra group. She was blown away and decided to travel to India to meet Osho, despite her reluctance to gurus. When Karima entered Osho’s energy field all her doubts melted away.

She trained as a therapist at the Mystery School in Pune and learnt to transform suffering into wellbeing.

Karima now teaches how to shift the energy through the heart and help people move from hurt to bliss finding their true nature.

Prem Karima is a holistic counsellor, founder of the Inner Alchemy School and has over 30 years of experience working with people. She offers a Holistic Therapy approach that combines therapy with meditation. Karima is passionate about helping people live a more fulfilling life. Her understanding is that a better world starts with healthy, fulfilled individuals. www.inneralchemy.de

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