Sit in silence sometime

Tiny Meditations

A meditation that can be done spontaneously with friends, anywhere.

friends sitting in silence

Learn silence. And at least with your friends, with your lovers, with your family. […]

Sit in silence sometimes. Don’t go on gossiping, don’t go on talking. Stop talking, and not only on the outside – stop the inner talk. Be in an interval. Just sit there, doing nothing, just being presences to each other. And soon you will start finding a new way to communicate. And that is the right way. […]

And then start communicating through silence sometimes. Holding the hand of your friend, sit silently. Just looking at the moon, feel the moon, and both feel it silently. And see, there happens a communion – not only communication but a communion. That your hearts start beating in the same rhythm. That you start feeling the same space, that you start feeling the same joy, that you start overlapping each other’s being. That there is communion. That you have said without saying anything, and there will be no misunderstanding.

Osho, This Very Body the Buddha, Ch 5, Q 2

Meditations compiled by Nirav Jayant from Osho’s darshan diaries and discourses – – image thanks to Devon Divine on Unsplash

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