Arjava – The healing power of Reiki

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Reiki Master and bestselling author Frank Arjava Petter talks to Love Osho team, about how he came to Osho and about his research into the origins of Reiki.

Arjava Petter

Episode 133
The healing power of Reiki

6 April 2021

When Arjava was 18 years old, he received a letter from his brother saying he was staying in Pune at the Osho ashram. He decided to rescue his brother from the perils of a dangerous cult, but once arrived in Pune he himself never came back. Arjava went to learn Reiki and become one of the world-leading Reiki experts. He is a great storyteller and makes this interview totally entertaining and fascinating.

Anand Arjava (Frank Arjava Petter) is an international bestselling author committed to sharing his research into Japanese Reiki history and practice. He is Vice Representative of the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto and through his teachings, he has brought back Reiki to the land of its origin. Arjava is also a Family Constellation facilitator and meditation teacher.

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