I love you as you are, because that’s the only way a person can be loved


Osho is asked, “Why am I afraid of other people?”

Osho and Nirvano in garden

You are afraid because you are afraid of yourself. Drop that fear, drop the guilt that has been created in you.

Your politicians, priests, parents, they all are guilt-creators, because that is the only way that you can be controlled and manipulated. A very simple, but very cunning trick to manipulate you. They have condemned you, because if you are accepted, not condemned – loved, appreciated, and if it is relayed to you from everywhere that you are okay – then it will be difficult to control you. How to control a person who is absolutely okay? The very problem doesn’t arise.

So they go on saying – the priests, the politicians, the parents – that you are not okay. Once they create the feeling that you are not okay, now they become the dictators; now they have to dictate the discipline. ‘Now this is the way you should behave….’ First they create the feeling that you are wrong; then they give you guidelines of how to be right.

Here you are with me, involved in a totally different experiment. I have no condemnation, I don’t create any guilt feeling in you. I don’t say: ‘This is sin.’ I don’t say that I will love you only when you fulfill certain conditions. I love you as you are, because that’s the only way a person can be loved. And I accept you as you are, because I know that is the only way you can be. That’s how the whole has willed you to be. That is what the whole has destined it to be.

Relax, and accept, and delight – and there is transformation. It comes not by efforts; it comes by accepting yourself with such deep love and ecstasy, that there is no condition, conscious, unconscious, known, unknown.

Unconditional acceptance – and suddenly you see you are not afraid of people. Rather, you enjoy people. People are beautiful. They are all incarnations of God. Maybe Rin Tin Tin… but still… incarnations of God. You love them. And if you love them, you bring their God to the surface.

Whenever you love a person his godliness comes to the top. It happens – because when somebody loves you, how can you show your ugliness? Simply, your beautiful face comes up. And, by and by, the ugly face disappears.

Love is alchemical. If you love yourself the ugly part of you disappears, is absorbed, is transformed. The energy is released from that form. Everything carries energy. Your anger has much energy involved in it, your fear also has much energy, crippled and suffocated in it. If the fear disappears, the form falls down, energy is released. Anger disappears – more energy is released. Jealousy disappears – still more energy.

Whatsoever are called sins simply disappear. I don’t say that you have to change them; you have to love your being and they change. Change is a by-product, a consequence. So much tremendous energy released – you start floating higher and higher and higher, you attain to wings.

Love yourself. That should be the foundational commandment. Love yourself. All else will follow, but this is the foundation.

Osho, The True Sage, Ch 4, Q 3 (excerpt)

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