Nirvana – The science of Osho Meditations

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Nirvana talks to the Love Osho team about Osho’s meditations as individual processes in a collective energy field.

Amrit Nirvana

Episode 134
The science of Osho Meditations

13 April 2021

Nirvana was living in New York climbing up the corporate ladder when she went through a “divine discontent” – her career, marriage and life all crumbled down together. At that time she came across a book by Osho and within days she was on a flight to Pune to live at the Osho Resort. As a scientist, Nirvana was hooked by the scientific approach of Osho’s meditations and their powerful effect. In this episode, she shares her insightful views on Osho as the scientist of the inner world.

Amrit Nirvana holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked as a technology professional in the telecommunication sector with corporate giants such as AT&T. She has made her home in Pune to be in close proximity of Osho’s buddhafield in Koregaon Park. She is an ICF Certified Coach, a No-Mind Facilitator, a certified Yoga and Whole Nutrition teacher.

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