Don’t be afraid of death, be thankful

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (141)

Osho Mt Abu


God purifies in every way.
It is not only gold that has to pass through fire
to be purified
but man too.
For man this fire is the anguish of love.

It is a blessing when this fire enters a person’s life;
it is the fruit of infinite prayers, infinite births.
It is the intensity of thirst that turns finally into love,
but unfortunately few are able to welcome it
because few can recognize love in the form of anguish.

Love is not a throne, it is a cross;
but those who gladly offer themselves to it
attain the very highest throne.
The cross can be seen, the throne cannot –
it is always hidden behind the cross.
And even Jesus hesitated for a moment;
even his heart cried out: Father, why hast thou forsaken me?
But the next moment he remembered and said:
They will be done.

That was enough:
the cross became a throne
and death a new life.
In the moment of revolution
between one statement and the next
Christ descended into Jesus.

Your suffering is intense and a new birth is at hand;
be happy, be grateful.
Don’t be afraid of death,
be thankful.
It is the tidings of a new birth.
And the old must die to give birth to the new;
the seed must break to blossom into the flower.


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