Michael – The man who introduced Vivek to Osho

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In this Love Osho podcast, Michael Graham tells many anecdotes about Osho, when he met him in the early Mumbai days.

Michael Graham

Episode 136
The man who introduced Vivek to Osho

27 April 2021

In 1971 Michael met Vivek during her first visit to India via a common acquaintance. Michael invited Vivek to meet Osho in his apartment in Bombay and she hesitantly went along. At the Mount Abu meditation retreat, Michael witnessed Vivek’s extraordinary transformation from a straight, conventional and conservative lady into Osho’s closest disciple in a blink of an eye. Michael lived in Osho’s apartment in Bombay and has many interesting anecdotes to share. Later in his life, Michael found his spiritual path in Jesus.

Michael Graham is the published author of From Guru to God: An Experience of the Ultimate Truth. He ventured to India at age 22 and spent thousands of hours meditating and studying with various mystics. Later he worked as a consultant in a corporate telecommunications firm in Australia and then developed his own personal development program, The Decision Principle Training ®, taught by him internationally. In 1995 Michael had a remarkable visionary encounter that led him to become the most surprised convert in Christendom. He continues to live, work and teach in Melbourne, while writing and editing his new book, Modern-Day Wisdom: A Practical Workbook.

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