Kendra – Sharing Osho’s meditations with the world

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Kendra is interviewed by the Love Osho team, on assisting Osho during his time in jail, the beginning of the Mystery School in Uruguay and her private meeting with Osho.


Episode 138
Sharing Osho’s meditations with the world

11 May 2021

Kendra took sannyas as a child and lived in Osho’s proximity from a very young age. She has nearly 50 years of ‘Osho experience’ under her belt and has supported Osho in various ways, including assisting him during his time in jail. Kendra has matured into a wise, energetic and loving woman who is on a mission to share Osho’s meditations with the world.

Prem Kendra came across sannyasins when she was just 10 years old and lived in all of Osho’s communes since 1978. She was privately and personally guided by Osho in her experiences of meditation, work, and relationship. Today, Kendra leads monthly meditation events in Maui, Hawai’i, and runs a jewellery business.

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