Dancing with you is no ordinary experience…


“Who told you that I am an ordinary man?” asks Osho.

Osho dancing

Beloved Osho,

What is it that happens when you dance with me? You say you are an ordinary man, but dancing with you is no ordinary experience. It is unlike anything I have felt before.

Who told you that I am an ordinary man?

It must be me! Only an extraordinary being can have the guts to say that he is ordinary. Every ordinary person thinks in himself that he is extraordinary, although he has not the guts to say it.

I am extraordinary! Otherwise there is no reason for all of you to be here with me. What the hell are you doing here with an ordinary man?

Yes, while dancing with me you must have experienced something that you cannot experience with anybody else – because it is not a dance of two bodies, not a dance but a deep, very deep meeting.

Don’t listen to my words.

Trust what you feel with me.

That dance has given you the right dimension which I cannot give you with words. Words are ordinary, but the silence, the beautiful dance – mingling, meeting, merging into each other, forgetting who you are… the dance is drinking from the very source of my being.

You have tasted something of me.

I have to create so many devices for you so that you can be taken out of your imprisonment.

You would never have thought that one day you would be dancing with me. Your mind simply stopped. Your heart started functioning with great energy. Looking into my eyes, looking into my gestures, slowly slowly there is a synchronicity. Then there are not two persons dancing, there is only dance. And that is the state of the divine drunkard.

You are blessed. But don’t make it a mind thing; otherwise you will be back to the same old miserable state.

What you have experienced in the dance, let it become your life now.

And it is not that you have to dance only with me. I only give you the key; then, dance with the wind, dance with the sun, dance with the trees, and everywhere you will find me dancing with you. That’s a promise.

Ordinarily, I never give promises.

Osho, From Death to Deathlessness, Ch 12, Q 2

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