Only alertness to the mind’s games brings freedom

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (142)

Osho smiling 1960s


What is suppressed becomes attractive,
what is negated, beckons!
Only alertness to the mind’s games brings freedom.
Negation does not really negate,
on the contrary, it beckons.
The mind plays around the forbidden
like the tongue around the gap
of an extracted tooth.

A small shopkeeper in London once caused a sensation.
He hung in his show window
a black curtain with a small hole at the center;
under the hole was written in large letters:
Peeping strictly forbidden.
Naturally, it brought the traffic to a standstill!

Crowds gathered around the shop
jostling one another for a peep through the curtain.
There they saw nothing but a few towels –
it was just a small towel shop
and the shopkeeper had devised this sure-fire method
of increasing his sales.
It worked like magic.

Man’s mind works the same way
and he becomes trapped by it.
Therefore – always be wary of negation,
opposition, suppression.


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